Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Action Alert!

 This is an urgent call to action!

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' massive "Fortnight for Freedom" campaign starts today. In churches and communities across the country, the bishops' campaign will be attacking women's access to contraception and to self-determination in the most critical area of their lives - their precious health. The fact is, the bishops want to impose their religious doctrine on us all - including the 98% of Catholic women who, like their neighbors of all faiths and backgrounds, use contraception.

With just six weeks to go until long-needed insurance coverage for contraception goes into effect through the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration needs to hear from us - faithful Americans who support contraception as a moral good.

As people of many diverse faith and moral traditions, we must urge the Obama Administration to  defend the freedom of all Americans to make their own determination about using birth control and not give in to religious bullying.

Fight back and move forward!
Sign our petition to President Obama.

Tell the President to stay the course on insurance coverage of contraception under the Affordable Care Act. It's right for women's health and it's right for the religious freedom of us all.
Thank you for taking action!

In faith,
Sonya Crudup, Chief Operating Officer
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

PS Show your support for expanding access to birth control by joining our "I'm a Fan of Birth Control" campaign.  Go to www.fanofbc.org  to order your fan. Don't forget to get fans for your congregation, too - and please send us a photo showing everyone with their fans!!

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