Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Case for Kosher Lab-Grown Meat

Your lab-grown steak will taste the same, maybe better, require no shechita, and be 100% kosher.
Photo Credit: Chen Leopold/Flash 90
According to a recent report, real progress is being made to generate lab grown meat that tastes as good as the real thing without all the cruelty, ghastly side effects, expense and waste of the present worldwide meat industry.

Dr Mark Post, whose lab at the University of Maastricht is experimenting with literally growing meat in Petri dishes, has told the Guardian: “We could be seeing a future where huge quantities of high-quality meat are gown in vats, incorporating not only muscle fibers but layers of real fat and even synthetic bone. In 25 years real meat will come in a packet labeled, ‘An animal has suffered in the production of this product’ and it will carry a big eco tax. I think in 50-60 years it may be forbidden to grow meat from livestock.” -- Jeremy Rosen, Jewish Press

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Laura Beth said...

Meat is a carcinogen and grilling flesh is worse because of the toxin called heterocyclic amine that forms on the flesh. Jews must begin to learn and re-learn the IDEAL diet is a plant strong diet. MEat and dairy, fish, poultry and egg consumption causes unimaginable suffering to helpless beings. We were helpless beings and look what Nazi's did for a grotesque lack of empathy for suffering. What we don't know( or refuse to see) WILL HURT US, and the rest of CREATION.

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