Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Despite militarized society, Israel has strict gun laws

Young israelis carrying M16 and Tavor assault rifles
on Jaffa Street in the center of the city of Jerusalem.
Serge Attal/ Flash 90
First-time visitors to Israel might be taken aback to see groups of armed teenagers walking through a city plaza on a weeknight, or surprised to walk into a public bathroom and see an M-16 laying across the sinks as a soldier washes his face.

But guns are ubiquitous in Israel, where most 18-year-olds are drafted into the army after high school.

However, once those soldiers finish their service two or three years later, they are subject to civilian gun control regulations that are much stricter than American laws.

In fact, it’s pretty much impossible for civilians who live in Israel to acquire an arsenal of weaponry of the sort used by the alleged shooter in last week’s massacre in Aurora, Colo. -- Ben Sales

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