Monday, July 2, 2012

Rozanne Gold's Tales of the Mayor's Kitchen

Rozanne Gold cooking
in the Gracie Mansion Kitchen
in 1978 for Mayor Ed Koch.
Courtesy of Rozanne Gold
Before Rozanne Gold wrote 12 cookbooks, won four James Beard Awards, created the menus for three of New York’s three-star restaurants, inspired the New York Times’ “Minimalist” column and invented the concept of Hudson Valley Cuisine, she was the private chef to Mayor Ed Koch.

Gold, who was only 23 when she moved into Gracie Mansion in 1978, spent a year squeezing fresh grapefruit juice for the mayor’s breakfast and creating the sort of simple yet sophisticated dishes that would become a hallmark of her work. It was also here that Gold prepared her first Seder, even using the mayor’s personal tips for matzo balls. --Rebecca Flint Marx, Forward

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