Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cyber warfare’s new reality adds to Israel’s already complex battlefield

Cyber security developers like those seen here from Elbit,
an Israeli defense electronics company, will need to play an increasingly integral role
in halting more complicated computer viruses. (Courtesy Elbit Systems)
As the frequency of suicide bombings increased in the 1990s, Israelis began to realize that their conflicts had shifted from the conventional battlefield to their streets, buses and cafes.

Now the country -- along with the rest of the world -- is adapting to a new battlefield, one that defense experts call the “fifth dimension": computers.

The impact cannot be underestimated, says Dror Mor, CEO of the Sdema Group, an Israeli company that specializes in homeland security protection.

“A big part of the next war, wherever it is in the world, will be cyber warfare to silence infrastructure, electricity, communications, movement of planes and trains,” he says.  -- Ben Sales, JTA

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