Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freshwater from the sun

An experimental desert oasis in Israel is testing a new solar-powered nanofiltration system to desalinate water for African crops.
Israel is an undisputed leader in providing desalination plants, equipment, novel technology and know-how for removing salt from water. Israeli company IDE Technologies has installed hundreds of desalination plants around the world to help parched regions make sea and brackish water drinkable.

While IDE is making inroads in becoming more environmentally and economically viable -- its new plant in China, for instance, runs on some of the waste heat produced by a power plant -- there is still much to be done to make desalination technologies accessible for the world’s neediest citizens, especially in inland locations in the Middle East and Africa.

Thanks to funding from Swiss philanthropist Samuel Josefowitz, a very successful new model for desalinating water in poor regions like Africa has been developed in Israel. Josefowitz chose Israel for its expertise in making water solutions that work. -- Rivka Borochov, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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