Friday, August 10, 2012

Israeli mom’s earth-friendly food and drink wrap

Packaging as benign as an orange peel.
Imagine pulling back the tab of a drink box, drinking its contents, and then throwing what’s left in the backyard compost heap to fully decompose –– just like one would a fruit peel? This was the dream of mother and computer-engineer-turned-entrepreneur Daphna Nissenbaum from Israel.

Her dream has turned into an award-winning green packaging company, Tipa, which won a first-place prize at Israel’s Cleantech 2012 out of 50 promising companies and also won a prize at Anuga Foodtec, a leading food industry packaging conference in Germany.

Tipa is starting to roll out a few products already, and eventually may change the way we consume and dispose of products we use every single day.

The idea for Tipa started with a big pet peeve. Nissenbaum is a doting mother who also cares for the planet. Worn out after years of nagging the kids to bring home their used food packaging and cans so she could recycle them, Nissenbaum hired expert consultants in biopolymers to search the world for a fully compostable packaging material. They found nothing to fit the bill.

She tells ISRAEL21c, “Actually the company really just started with a simple idea of creating a package that is as close to nature as possible. This is a package from which you can drink or eat the inside contents, then throw the package into the organic waste stream to fully decompose –– to go back to nature in the compost bin.” -- Karin Kloosterman, Israel21c

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