Friday, August 17, 2012

Jewish studies flourish in China

From left: David N. Myers and Jerry Gotel at a seminar at Henan University
in Kaifeng in front of 75 Chinese graduate students in Jewish studies.
The last quarter century has witnessed a veritable explosion in the academic field of Jewish studies. During that time, Israel solidified its place as the global center in the field, while in the United States virtually every university and college of note has established its own program, center or chair. In these two venues, the growth of Jewish studies has been closely linked to the presence of Jews, though in the United States an increasing number of non-Jews have entered the field. In other parts of the world where the field of Jewish studies has been expanding, such as Germany, the field is populated almost exclusively by non-Jews.

Surely one of the most interesting sites of the new Jewish studies — and one of the most promising in terms of growth — is China. --  David N. Myers, Jewish Journal

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