Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leading figure of Hungarian anti-Semitic party discovers he is Jewish, his mother was an Auschwitz survivor and his father a veteran of forced labour camps

Anti-Semite finds out he's Jewish: Ultra nationalist Csanad Szegedi,
was a leading member of a far-right political party until he was forced to resign
after it was revealed that he is actually Jewish.
Ultra nationalist Csanad Szegedi's political career is in ruins after he was forced to resign from far-right Jobbik Party.

The party is also asking him to resign from his EU lawmaking role Szegedi has publicly made anti-Semitic comments.

He acknowledged his Jewish heritage and apologised for offensive comments and vowed to visit Auschwitz.

The Holocaust was a taboo subject in Hungary until 1990.

Many survivors kept their ordeals to themselves during the communist rule.

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