Friday, August 3, 2012

The best PR for Israel? Just be nice!

Being nice. It is really that simple. What an opportunity we have with our Jewish state.
 Photo: Dov Lipman
The best and brightest minds in Israel struggle to solve the mystery regarding how to win the public relations war. Both the Foreign Ministry and Tourism Ministry routinely try to improve Israel’s image throughout the world. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Public Diplomacy established a special web site and focuses much of its attention on this issue. While high ranking government officials grapple with this problem, a group of 14- and 15- year-old boys are putting on a clinic regarding how to improve Israel’s image – just be nice.

I am in Oneonta, New York, watching my son play on the Israel national little league team in the Cooperstown Baseball World Classic. The Israeli team is playing remarkably well on the field, having lost their first game 3-2 against the best team in the tournament and winning their second game 7-2. However, their success on the field does not match their accomplishments off the field. Non-Jewish players and coaches from Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, Rhode Island, and New York cannot stop talking about how “the boys from Israel are so nice.” -- Dov Lipman, Jerusalem Post

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