Friday, September 14, 2012

Conservative Jewish Women Argue Same-Sex Marriages Are More Fair Than Heterosexual Unions

Could same-sex marriage within the Conservative Jewish community actually change heterosexual marriage for the better?

Same-sex marriage's removal of the traditional Conservative Jewish "ownership" requirements of one dominant (male) party over a subordinant (female) party, may set a new standard that does just that.

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According to the New York Post:

"This spring, a committee that creates laws for the Conservative Jewish movement approved two ceremonies for same-sex couples that strip marriage liturgy of any reference to ownership, makes double-ring ceremonies officially part of the wedding and allows either party to initiate a divorce — three issues that have long been sticking points among Jewish brides."

Though efforts have been made in recent years to make heterosexual marriages within the community more equitable, there have been difficulties in finding a balance between the modern realities of the dynamic between men and women and the desire to maintain tradition.

Heterosexual couples in the Conservative Jewish faith enter into a a "kiddushin," which requires the dominant party to acquire the less dominant party.  Women, unfortunately, are limited regarding their power within this union, at least according to the church. -- Instinct blog

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