Sunday, September 23, 2012

Israeli ‘Kippa Man’ skullcap vendor faces lawsuit over use of Batman and Spiderman images

In this picture taken Saturday, Aug. 21, 2010,
Jewish women buys men’s skull caps during a designer fashion fair in Jerusalem.
Maya Hasson, File/ Associated Press
DC Comics and Marvel are suing a Jerusalem vendor for selling Jewish skullcaps, or kippas, adorned with unauthorized images of crime-fighting superheroes Batman and Spiderman, a lawyer representing the comics giants said.

Lawyer Chagay Netzer said the “Kippa Man” store was violating the intellectual property rights of both companies. DC Comics and Marvel are each demanding 25,500 U.S. dollars in damages and expect the store to stop selling the kippas.

The popular downtown store draws hordes of tourists with its colorful skullcaps, many featuring cartoon characters or sports insignia.

The separate lawsuits were served last week. The shop’s owner declined to comment. -- Associated Press via Washington Post.

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