Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apple’s new maps leave out Jerusalem

Google Truck maps out a city
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We’ve come to expect it from the BBC? But Apple? Maker of the beloved iPhone? The company that thinks different; that’s proudly inclusive of creativity and implies that, if we all just buy iPhones, we will usher in a grand era of world peace?

OK, maybe buying an iPhone doesn’t do all that. But it doesn’t help get us any further in the let’s-all-get-along direction when Apple leaves out Israel’s capital in the latest version of the company’s i-device operating system.

According to an article in JTA, “the map included in Apple’s new iOS6 operating system reportedly does not show Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” while every other country on the map has its capital listed. JTA further reports that the world clock included in the operating system “lists Jerusalem without an affiliated country.” -- Brian Blum, Israelity Blog

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