Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brought Together by Cancer

Israeli and Palestinian breast-cancer survivors build camaraderie as we face a common enemy
The author (in blue) hugs one of the Palestinian women in her group, Ibtisam.
Photo by Vanja Cerimagic
The hot flash begins at the soles of my feet and races up my legs to my chest, scaling higher until sweat beads on my forehead. The hormonal medication I take to prevent any breast cancer cells I may still harbor from binding to estrogen is knocking my internal thermostat out of whack.

Fanning my face with my left hand, I raise my right.

“Can we please open a window?” I ask in English. “I’m on Tamoxifen.”

Before the interpreters can convert my words into Bosnian and into Arabic, the room erupts into laughter.

In Breastcancerland, “Tamoxifen” requires no translation. -- Ruth Ebenstein, Tablet

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