Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Torah Scribe At Brooklyn Temple Serves As Symbol For Jewish Women Seeking Religious Equality

Credit Linda Coppleson Facebook
Sunday night is the final night of Sukkot, a Jewish holiday that is supposed to remind Jews of their ancestral escape from slavery. For many Jewish women this Sunday also signifies new progress in their pursuit of religious equality.

Linda Coppleson is one of few female Torah Scribes in the world, she is responsible for quill penning the sacred words of the Torah at a Brooklyn Temple.

“Each Torah has about sixty-two pages, most of the pages have four columns each on them,” she told CBS 2′s Amy Dardashtian.

Coppleson spends five hours every day crafting each letter. The process takes a year and a half, and when she is done the Torah will be the first on the east coast to be written entirely by a woman. -- CBS New York

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