Friday, November 9, 2012

Israeli 5-in-1 tool for rescuers creates design buzz

It wasn’t any rare Israeli earthquake, or his stint in the army as a tank commander, that inspired Tamir Niv to design a low-cost tool for digging survivors out from under the rubble.

It was two winters ago, when Japan was ravaged by a tsunami and America was facing some of its worst tornados on record, that Niv had his Eureka moment on how to invent a simple tool to save lives before and after emergency assistance arrives.

“It was the winter of many natural disasters,” 30-year-old industrial design student Niv tells ISRAEL21c: “I could see what was happening in the news and learn from it. Looking at all the images and reports from the US and Japan, I saw that many of the buildings were constructed from wood –– light construction. This is unlike in Israel, where everything is made from cement.”

This unlucky winter inspired him to fulfill a challenge — industrial design for a natural disaster – presented to his class at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. -- Karin Kloosterman, Israel21c

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