Friday, November 16, 2012

N.J. kosher cheese company bidding for recovery after Sandy

The New Jersey warehouse of Anderson International Foods
lost power from superstorm Sandy,
making hundreds of thousands of boxes unusable.
(Chavie Lieber)
A flooded warehouse, decomposed wall beams, sodden sheetrock, crumbling brick walls, a fried electrical system and about $2 million worth of rotten cheese waiting to be chucked: That’s only a glimpse of the woes facing Brigitte Mizrahi.

Mizrahi owns Anderson International Foods, a small kosher cheese company she founded in 1995, and her warehouse is located in an industrial area of Jersey City about a mile from the Hudson River waterfront. Although the facility isn't in the designated flood zone, it was under four feet of water soon after superstorm Sandy blew through town two weeks ago. --  Chavie Lieber, JTA

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